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15 Things to get rid of before Moving

1) Clothes:

I know for a fact that you don’t wear every single thing that is in your closet, don’t even try to lie to me. Don’t move ANYTHING you don’t need. Clean out your closet and only bring what you like (and actually wear) to your new home.


Oh, you know what is junk in your home, even if you won’t admit it. Old posters, appliances you never use, books you’ve never read, free promo items, crappy presents you’ve never touched, and so many unmentionables. If you can’t justify a legitimate reason why you need to hold onto something, get rid of it. Junk is junk is junk and it takes up a lot of space.

3) Seeing Double?:

This should go without saying, but hey- I won’t judge. If there is anything in your home that you have more than one of (i.e. two blenders), get rid of one. There is no reason you need two, so just do yourself a favor and make your life easier. P.s. this rule doesn’t apply to things that are a pair, like couches.

4) Borrowed Items:

If you borrowed something from your Mom’s house three years ago, GIVE IT BACK. Anything that doesn’t belong to you that is in your house, give it back to its rightful owner. You don’t need it anymore and they might have been missing it.

5) The untouchables:

More like the untouched, if you have items in your home you’ve never used. Get rid of them, ALL OF THEM. You registered for that pasta maker 4 years ago and have never even opened the box. Chances are, you never will. Mamma Mia.

6) Kitchen Utensils:

Oh yeah, we’re talking forks, knives, the whole 9 yards. Go through your utensils and get rid of every bent, broken, or ugly piece that you never use. Utensil clutter is crazy common, so don’t feel too much like a hoarder.

7) Vases:

So you get flowers every anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and mother’s day. You have more vases in your house than your local florist from all kinds of arrangements. Well, just because it was free and nice looking- doesn’t mean you need to keep it. Time to sort through and get rid of them. I highly suggest bringing them back to the florist they came from. Recycling is great.

8) Food and Spices:

Most food won’t survive a move. Under no circumstances does that mean you should just throw it out! Donate the food to your local food bank!

9) Paper Goods:

Do you still have all receipts/bills from the last few years tucked away somewhere in your home? Well, now is the time to get rid of them. You don’t need them anymore and they are just taking up space. You don’t want to move all that clutter into your new home anyway. Time to say goodbye!

10) Magazines:

Speaking of paper goods, all those cooking and design magazines you are holding on too. It’s time for them to go. It’s okay to hold onto your favorites, but you don’t need them all. So into the recycling they go!

11) Kids Clothes:

It is just as important to monitor your kid’s clutter just as closely as your own clutter. It might even be more important. Kids grow out of their clothes fast, so every few months you should be going through their clothes and getting rid of what doesn’t fit anymore. Toss out things  they don’t need and rejoice at how much less stuff you now have to worry about.

12) Kids Artwork:

I know, I know- you can’t bear to part with all of your child’s artwork. I get it, and you shouldn’t. With that being said, you don’t have to hold onto every single piece of art they have ever created. Let’s be real, a lot of it… isn’t the best. Macaroni eventually breaks apart and glitter, no matter how many years its aged, still gets everywhere. It’s okay, I promise.

13) Old Electronics:

Remember that computer you had in the early 90s? God, what a dinosaur- right? RIGHT. Just like the dinosaurs, it’s time for that baby to go extinct. Get it out of the attic and don’t you dare try and bring that blast from the past to your new house.

14) Medicine:

If you didn’t know, medicine has expiration dates and I bet there is stuff in your medicine cabinet that has long since expired. Go through your collection and get rid of what you don’t need anymore. You’ll feel a lot better after that.

15) Stuffed Animals:

Stuffed animals are great and we all collect them. The sad truth is- we don’t 100 percent need them. If you have an excess of stuffed animals just hanging around your house, it’s in your best interest to get rid of them. Still upset about it? Donate them to a local charity or daycare. That way you know they will still get the love they deserve.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter. It’s time to get packing.


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Denver moving tips Kenna Real Estate Things to rid of before Moving
15 Things to get rid of before Moving 1) Clothes: I know for a fact that you don’t wear every single thing that is in your closet, don’t even try to lie to me. Don’t move ANYTHING you don’t need. Clean out your closet and only bring what you like.. more